Eating and Menu Planning

I bought Trim Healthy Mama book a while back. A friend has had amazing success with it and there are lots of positive review online. I have dipped into the book a bit and played with the plan.  I have lost using a low carb approach in the past but when I low carb now, it doesn’t make that much difference. It’s probably an issue of portion size and ramping up the exercise or perhaps it is evening eating or my poor sleep habits. I don’t feel like I’m eating more or worse than I did a couple of years ago?

Perhaps I’ll dip into THM a bit more. Although I can dive into something boots and all, I don’t find it lasts for me. I find one little step at a time so it becomes part of what I do works well. I have to get over my issue with artificial sweeteners and I probably need to get a few of the extra bits and pieces. My main problem is eating in the evening. . I’m up about 4-6kg from a couple of years ago and it effects how I feel about myself.

Then there is the issue of providing consistently lower cost, yummy but also healthy meals to 8 people, 7 days a week. This Mama needs more of a plan!

I love this idea: 20 meals for $150US. It’s the idea that I can take a shopping list and buy enough for lots of meals and not have to think, what’s for dinner today and knowing I have got the ingredients in freezer and cupboard. With the flexibility to cook something not on the list if I like and the ability to easily delegate to an older children substantial parts of the cooking process. Tonight for instance I loved it that ds11 cooked pretty much all of dinner :-)

it’s not easy cooking every night, with a budget, keeping everyone happy AND the food being healthy and easy to prepare and with some variety. What meals meet all that criteria?

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